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Behind the Scenes: What would Dolly do?

This theme helped spark my creativity and gave me the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind Dolly Parton party! I wanted to show the design process from start to finish and what it took to create and the inspo behind it. Background: This was a second birthday party for a very special birthday girl. Thank you, Afton for booking with us.


When I missed the mark completely:

Let me admit right now, although I know who Dolly Parton is.... I didn't know Dolly Parton. Here was my original idea. A dance party... only it was apparently Shania Twain


Redemption or something like that:

Only one thing to do, read an autobiography about Dolly. If you have not read, it is a must read :)


Spark of genius:

My client was nice enough to find inspo for the event and this is where our ideas found common ground.

Thank you Posh Party Bebes! Highly recommend you look at their blog:

Here is a short recap--

We loved the hats on these backdrops

and the idea of a picnic <3


Ok..... now that's Dolly approved!

When it's right, its right. This was my final mockup for the event. We wanted picnic, cotton candy, boho and champagne (for the adults of course).

Cotton Candy but add Champagne pleaseeee! We added unicorns because my client booked a unicorn for her event! And these mini piñatas were a must instead of traditional goodie bags


Finally the party!

Thank you to all of those that helped bring this to life!

  • Picnic Fancy: Child Peacock Chair, Picnic Tables, Pillows and Teepee

  • Jos Designs: Customized Signage

  • Le Bakery Sensual: Custom Cake

  • Gateaux Pastries: Custom Cookies

  • My Enchanted Unicorns, Two by Two Petting Zoo: Entertainment


Client photos are the best photos :)

Thank you Afton for sharing!

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